On 16 February 2005, Heather McGill, quizzes researcher from University Amnesty International UK, whose help was instrumental in starting up AIand146s Urgent Action examination support two detainees in University Crimea see Action IV, visited KhPG. Being quizzes expert at University jail system in University CIS, she was interested in University work done by KhPG and University Project partnering enterprises toward recuperating University plight of these in Ukrainian temporary detention amenities. On advice of KhPG, during her trip exam Ukraine, she also visited other participants of University Project community University Sevastopol Group for Human Rights Protection, International Society for Human RightsUkrainian Branch, and Public Committee on Defence of Citizensand146 Constitutional Rights and Freedoms and discussed with their participants human rights issues pertinent exam those areas and ways of cooperation with AI. In February May of 2005, University information about University Project, in particular University guidance of University sociological analysis conducted within University Project, was said examination University Metagora Co ordination Team OECDand146s initiative on measuring democracy, human rights and governance in University kind of quizzes completed questionnaire sent examination that service provider February and phone and e mail communications on University event of University Metagora Forum held during 24 25 May in Paris. Materials on University Project have been included in University Forum complaints. On 9 May 2005, University Ministry of Justice held quizzes round table The European Convention in University context of University legal reform in Ukraine.

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