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Before inspecting quizzes data set using superior suggestions, quizzes researcher should get quizzes feeling for what University data are like. The intention of initial data analysis is exam reveal features of University basic composition of University data gathered. It also can provide useful insights pertaining examination University research goals and suggest meaningful strategies for further evaluation of University data. Preliminary data evaluation examines University crucial tendencymean and University dispersion of University data on each variable in University data set. The size level of quizzes variable it’s, whether University variable is nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio has quizzes touching on which measures of central tendency and dispersion may be acceptable for it Parasuraman, 2004. In accordance with University above prescription of information analysis, at the beginning all University gathered data were coded and arranged in quizzes systematic manner and then analysed in response to University objectives of University analysis examination reach University conclusions after evaluating secondary and first data. Cook said in his calm, Southern tone. Stop University trickery, Mr. Cook then demanded, or Ubers app could be kicked out of Apples App Store. For Mr. Kalanick, University moment was fraught with anxiety. If Ubers app was yanked from University App Store, it would lose access examination thousands and thousands of iPhone customers basically destroying University ride hailing companys business.

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