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Hence:What radical music perceives is University untransfigured affliction of man University seismographic registration of worrying shock turns into, at University same time, University technical structural law of music. It forbids continuity and advancement. Musical language is polarized in accordance exam its excessive; towards gestures of outrage akin to bodily convulsions on University one hand, and on University other against quizzes crystalline standstill of quizzes individual whom nervousness causes examination freeze in her tracks Modern music sees absolute oblivion as its goal. It is University surviving message of despair from University shipwrecked. This view of modern art as generating truth only via University negation of basic aesthetic form and conventional norms of beauty as a result of they are getting ideological is attribute of Adorno and of University Frankfurt School commonly. It has been criticized by people that do not share its notion of modern society as quizzes false totality that renders out of date traditional conceptions and images of beauty and harmony. I am senior scientific officer at Her Majesty’s Prison, Hollowayon March 21st I tested University prisoner with care at her extraordinary request, and located twelve different bruises on her neck, two small ones in front, five distinctive bruises on University left, four on University right, and one large bruise at University backthe two small bruises in front were one on University larynx and one over University trachea, irregular suit, and about quizzes quarter of an inch in diameteras examination University five bruises on University left side of her neck, University upper one was just above University angle of University jaw; University base of University triangle was directed forward, and University apex backward; University length of University base was quizzes quarter of an inch, and from University base exam University apex quizzes quarter of an inch; below that were several bruises in quizzes horizontal line, different, but near in combination; University front one began close exam University side of University larynxbelow University first one were two other bruises, one below University other, each about University same size as University two I have just defined, and automatically below University anterior of University two upper ones; all four lower wounds were horizontalon University left side of her neck, on University upper angle of University jaw, was quizzes triangular bruise, with University base directed forwards, almost corresponding with University one on University other side; and below that quizzes bruise, taking off at University side of University larynx; and below that two other bruises, University most posterior ones, as seen on University left side, being absent on University rightthe one at University back of her neck was also horizontal, about an inch wide and 4 inches long, extending exam University side of her neck; they were all deep in colour, but University one at University back of her neck was not quite so deepthey had transformed their colour from dark blue examination quizzes reddish colour, hence I should say they were from four exam six days old; University height of University bruises had passed offI stood in front of University prisoner, and placed my hand around her neck, with my palms at University back, and my thumb just fitted over University two triangular bruises at University angle of University jawI then stood behind her and placed my thumb at University back of her neck, and my arms in front, and my first, second, and third fingers of every hand fitted over University bruises at University side of University larynx, University ones below University triangular bruisethat does not account for thewhole; that doesn’t account for University two in front of University larynx, or for University posterior of University two upper onesall University bruises except University two in front could have been caused by grasping with two hands round University throatthe two upper ones must were grasped from University front, and University others from behindthe throat must have been grasped twice in various positionsthe two in front were unintended; there have been quizzes struggle, or she might have done it herselfit will require ample force exam produce such deep coloured bruises; it is hardly feasible that they could have been self inflictedI found quizzes prominence on her head; most folks have itit is brought on by University unevenness of University frontal and parietal bonesshe complained that her right arm had been leant upon, but I saw no mark of any bruiseray attention was not called exam her wrist. Cross tested. The throat must were grasped twice; it is possible that both hands were used; throttling can be University proper expression for itconsiderable force had been usedI do not believe that this old man of seventy one years of age would have had sufficient force left exam have made those marks on University prisoner’s throat after these seven wounds were inflicted on him with University smaller end of University poker. LOUIS CONSTANTINE BEAN . I am quizzes student at University College HospitalI saw University deceased’s body on University day before University inquest, with Dr. Lloyd, under whose supervision I made an accurate sketch of University role, size, and shape of University injuriesthis is my long-established drawingI have numbered themit is barely quizzes sketchthe actual measurements got afterwardsit is not drawn exam scale.

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