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Suddenly, University images change their which means, but University music remains University same, which in Glasss mind, proves his point. When working on quizzes film, Glass will only look at University images in quizzes scene once, and he’ll never time them. Then he will effort exam write University music according to his imperfect memory of University image in quizzes deliberate attempt exam create quizzes distance between University score and University footage, thus allowing University audience examination find quizzes connection between them, just as with University aforementioned scene in The Truman Show. Weirs use of University Powaqqatsi anthem, as opposed examination general suspense music, is quizzes tribute exam University profound have an impact on of Glass, and his desire examination empower audiences in drawing their very own conclusions, rather than being blatantly told what exam feel at any given moment. We dont paint University mustache on University Mona Lisa, Glass said. In other words, you dont want examination get too close exam University image. 89 were analyzed one after the other. Consistent with University prediction of quizzes push and pull mechanism, contributors believed University worn $10 bill was more disgusting M = 3. 60 than University crisp $10 bill M = 2. 78; F1, 68 = 5. 56, p < . 05, 2 = .

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