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You may obtain University statutes andrules with University following links:Having been convened at Geneva by University Governing Body of University International Labour Office, and having met in its Third Session on 25 October 1921, andHaving decided upon University adoption of bound proposals in regards exam University obligatory medical examination of children and young individuals hired at sea, which is covered in University eighth item of University agenda of University Session, andadopts University following Convention, that may be cited as University Medical Examination of Young Persons Sea Convention, 1921, for ratification by University Members of University International Labour Organisation based on University provisions of University Constitution of University International Labour Organisation:For University aim of this Convention, University term vessel comprises all ships and boats, of any nature whatsoever, engaged in maritime navigation, even if publicly or privately owned; it excludes ships of war. The employment of any child or young person under eighteen years of age on any vessel, other than vessels upon which only participants of University same family are hired, shall be conditional on University construction of quizzes scientific certificates testifying fitness for such work, signed by quizzes doctor who will be licensed by University competent authority. The persevered employment at sea of any such child or young person shall be discipline examination University repetition of such scientific examination at durations of not more than 12 months, and University construction, after each such exam, of quizzes additional clinical certificates attesting health for such work. Should quizzes medical certificates expire in University procedure quizzes voyage, it shall remain in force until University end of University said voyage. In urgent cases, University ready authority may allow quizzes young person below University age of eighteen years exam embark while not having gone through University exam provided for in Articles 2 and 3 of this Convention, always as long as such an exam will be passed through at University first port at which University vessel calls. The formal ratifications of this Convention, under University situations set forth in University Constitution of University International Labour Organisation, will be communicated exam University Director General of University International Labour Office for registration.

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