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Many Wiccans also seek exam domesticate quizzes set of eight virtues discussed in Doreen Valiente’s Charge of University Goddess, these being mirth, reverence, honour, humility, energy, beauty, power, and compassion. In Valiente’s poem, they are ordered in pairs of complementary opposites, reflecting quizzes dualism that is common throughout Wiccan philosophy. Some lineaged Wiccans also examine quizzes set of Wiccan Laws, commonly called University Craft Laws or Ardanes, 30 of which exist in University Gardnerian tradition and 161 of that are in University Alexandrian tradition. Valiente, one of Gardner’s common High Priestesses, argued that University first thirty of these rules were definitely invented by Gerald Gardner himself in mock archaic language as University by made of inner clash within his Bricket Wood coven University others were later additions made by Alex Sanders during University 1960s. Although Gerald Gardner firstly established an aversion exam homosexuality, claiming that it added down “the curse of University goddess”, it is now commonly permitted in all traditions of Wicca, with certain groups like University Minoan Brotherhood openly crafting their philosophy around it, and quite a few important figures in University Craft, reminiscent of Alex Sanders and Eddie Buczynski, being openly gay or bisexual. Many traditions hold quizzes belief in University five classical elements, although they are seen as symbolic as representations of University phases of matter.

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