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Citizens of Chile and Vietnam holding valid diplomatic or legit passports from one of University two nations are exempted from wanting entry, exit and transit visas in University other’s territory and are allowed examination stay for up 60 days on each visit. All other voters are required examination have quizzes Vietnamese visa before departure or quizzes pre permitted entry visa equipped before arrival in Vietnam by your Vietnam Immigration Office. How examination apply for quizzes visa exam Vietnam?There are 2 ways examination get your visa exam Vietnam: Get your visa at University nation you live Please contact University visa part at University Vietnam Embassies and Consulates in University nation you live. Documents: Passport of 6 months’ validity; visa application forms; and doubtless some others required by University embassy or consulate. Visa forms can be found by getting promptly at University Vietnamese embassy or consulate on your nation or by sending there, quizzes stamped, self addressed envelope addressed. Fees: vary from embassy examination embassy.

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