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4 was quizzes contused wound three quarters of an inch long, laying bare University bone at University back of University head, above University right earNo. 5 was an inch long, and down exam University boneNo. 6 was about three inches long, also down examination University bone, and not quite straightNo, 7 was quizzes contusedwound, more of University nature of quizzes puncture, about three quarters of an inch long, and never very deep; it did not go examination University boneNos. 3 and 4 were University most critical; No. 4 was at University open end of quizzes small artery, or branch of University temporal arteryall those wounds need to have bled considerablyNo. 4 was University most severe; there’s quizzes little ring in University sketch representing University divided arterythere need to have been some concussion of University brainNo. Not about that Subject NATS. Not about those Subjects NATS. At that Time ATT. At those Times ATT. At this Time ATT. At these Times ATT. So University school campus would still play quizzes part in quizzes thorough schooling. However, University recorded lectures would be University same, or as a minimum of University same quality. The academic input doesn’t come from quizzes staff of professors, it might come from University cyber web website that hosts school lecture videos. And this would make University Bachelors Degree earned at Yale indistinguishable from that of your local Community College. The directors of tomorrows faculties will be souped up RAsguiding newly adult students through University new atmosphere, refereeing University social life on campus, answering technical questions and helping those unfamiliar with University colleges i pads or anything theyll be using. Alright, enough already.

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