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B below, University Licensed Tagline in connection with i University Products and Services Commercialized by Company and itsPermitted Sublicensees/Assignees or ii University basic promoting of University Company Business, in each case in strict accordance with University Standards of Quality and in another way in response to University terms and conditions of this Agreement. B. License Limitations; Approval Process. The foregoing license exam use i University Specified GE Marks is proscribed examination use on orin reference to University Products or Services only adding any advertising, exhibit, promotional copy, and other linked materials bearing such Licensed Marks which are in University form used prior exam University Effective Date or in a different way permitted in advanceof their use by Licensor which approval system is defined below and ii University Licensed Tagline is restricted examination use on or in connection with University Products or Services or in University general promotion of University Company Business only. Company shall not,and shall cause its Subsidiaries not to, except as in particular permitted during this Agreement or approved in increase by Licensor, use University Licensed Marks or give consent examination University use of University Licensed Marks exam any other Person in any manner. In connectionwith any proposed use of University Specified GE Marks or Licensed Tagline that requires Licensors prior approval pursuant exam University foregoing Section 2.

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